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Continuous Flow Mixer

Continuous mixers are continuously operating mixers with which all commercially available dry mortars can be processed.


We manufacture various systems, such as the traditional long mixing tubes or the newly developed patented mixing system (short tube), which achieves a particularly homogeneous mixing of the material. 


The VR230 Volt continuous mixer processes all commercially available dry ready-mix mortars such as: Masonry mortar, plaster, fine concrete, adhesive, filler, screed, etc. Depending on requirements it is possible to use bagged material or to process silo material by means of a commercially available dry conveying system.

The VR400-3 has the following special features compared to the VR 230 Volt: 

     • higher power class (suitable for power current)

     • rubber tube against wear

     • easier cleaning 

Durchlaufmischer VR400-3
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