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Plastering Machine VR8

Verputzmaschine VR8

The VR 8 plastering machine is suitable for all machine-compatible ready-mixed dry mortars. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to process bagged material or silo material by means of a commercially available conveyor system. 

The dry mortar is conveyed to the mixing pump via the horizontally arranged conveying shaft. In the mixing pump, the material is mixed with a metered supply of water, and then mixed with a 

then conveyed through the mortar hose by a highly wear-resistant, extremely pressure-stable worm pump.


Technische Daten



Fuse protection:

Water connection:

Delivery rate:

Delivery distance:


Operating pressure:

Air compressor:

Pump motor: 400 V/ 50 Hz/ 5,5 kW / 400 rpm

Cellular wheel motor:   400 V/ 50 Hz/ 1,1 kW/ 51 rpm

400 V/ 32 A

3 x 25 A

3/4" at least 2,5 bar with running machine

5-85 l/min depending on pump type 22l as standard 

Hose diameter 25 mm max. 30 m 

Hose diameter 35 mm max. 50 m 

Floating screed up to 80 m

max. 30 bar 

0,9 kW/ 0,25 Nm /min 


The machine can be supplied with FU or switchable for any voltage required.

optionally also switchable

Die Maschine kann für jede erforderliche Spannung mit FU oder umschaltbar geliefert werden.

wahlweise auch umschaltbar

For more information, feel free to download the corresponding data sheet!


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