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Mineral Foam Systems

The mineral foam systems enable the production of lightweight concrete. They correspond to the latest state of knowledge and are manufactured according to the generally applicable manufacturing standards as well as the EC directives. 

The mineral foam plant, even in its standard version, is capable of processing most of the mix formulations.



The aggregates are premixed in the mixing tank - water, cement, sand, fly ash, polystyrene, and many more. Foam is then added via the integrated foam generator. After a short mixing time, the finished mineral foam is pumped to the processing site via an eccentric screw pump.

Mineral-Schaum-Anlagen Halbautomatisch.jpg

Mineral foam systems are specially configured for the production of lightweight concrete. The mixing system and control system are precisely adapted to the metering and homogeneous mixing of the materials. The plants can be integrated into a continuous production system and operate manually to fully automatically, depending on the degree of requirement. 

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