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Plastering Machines

Plastering machines are continuously operating mixing pumps suitable for processing all machine-compatible ready-mix dry mortars. They are distinguished primarily by different dry material feeds, such as via cellular wheel, feed shaft or direct feed, as for example with the VR1. 

The dry mortar is fed into the mixing pump (mixing tube) and mixed under metered water supply. Directly afterwards, the mixed material is conveyed through the material hose by a highly wear-resistant and extremely pressure-stable screw pump. 

Verputzmaschine VR1

The VR1 is a compact plastering machine for smaller construction sites, which stands out due to its modular design and easy handling. Due to different power classes from light current to power current, this machine can be configured for the respective application. 

This standard plastering machine VR6 remains to this day one of the most popular and widely used plastering machines on the market. Due to the robust and universal design, the machine requires little maintenance and can be equipped with assemblies and accessories that are compatible with all the same machine models across manufacturers. 

Verputzmaschine VR6
Verputzmaschine VR8

Compared to the VR6, the VR8 stands out due to its narrower and lighter design. The dry material conveying technology and the mixing zone differ from the VR6. On construction sites with narrow installation spaces and doors, this machine is an advantageous alternative.

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